How many types of iPads are out there?

Are you confused with the selections of Apple iPad yet?  I certainly am!   But let’s be fair, Apple did remove iPad 3rd Generation from it’s site ( 3rd Gen came out just a few month before they release the 4th Generation.)   However, some retail stores are still selling the short lived 3rd Generation iPad.  So as a consumer, when you walk in to the store (or online for that matter) you will see the combination of 29 different iPads in various configuration options like  size, wifi, 3G or chip speed

I am a huge fan of the late Steve Jobs.  He is the reason I became an Apple fan.  If I can venture to guess what would Steve think of the new things Apple has done since his passing.  First was CEO issuing letter of apology about it’s crappy Apple Map.  Steve would never publicly admit his flaws (however, if am not sure Steve would ever release the Apple Map to iOS6 at first place).  Regardless, I give the full credit to Tim Cook for its "taking it like a man" and openly apologize to Apple fans.  Second, Steve Job never believe in Corporate Social Responsibility.  I applaud Tim for taking the leadership in giving back some of Apple’s fortune to do something good for mankind.  Now, back to iPad.  Like I said, I admire Steve’s simple minds and his passion for perfection.  Why on earth would Apple release 3 iPads within 1 year?  Wouldn’t that just make all retailers go create with inventory management?  Did I say I really don’t like the smaller iPad 4 Gen / iPhone5 connector?  For the none-tech consumers, how would they know what’s the difference between all of them?  The beauty of Apple is its simplicity and all the accessories eco-system.  You can pretty much get any add-ons like car stereo docks, to speaker docks designed for its 30-pin docks.  With these latest Apple devices, good luck getting them work.  FYI – not all devices will be compatible with the adapter – car docks for example would probably not working with iPhone 5. 

So, if you take away Apple’s strength on simplicity, and its accessories echo-system; where are Apple’s competitive strengths?  Market seemed to be on my side on this one.  Apple has dipped below 600 in recent days after Apple mini launch.  


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